Sunday, April 25, 2004

the bodies

Today's the Rally for Women's Rights in Washington. It's primarily about abortion, and the right to choose abortion, but also in a larger sense the rights of women in general. CNN's doing a crappy job covering it. They're giving a lot of time to anti-abortion people and not asking that very pertinent question "I understand you're against abortion, but why are you against the right to choose?" Not the same thing, chaps, not the same thing at all.

I hope to hear stories from Deaf people about the march soon. Deaf people have a vested interest in seeing the rights of women protected. Our bodies have been under siege as well, from day one; Deaf people have been abused, tortured and experimented on, also in the name of religion. Women suffer greater torture, since the abuse is perpetuated not only on their bodies but also those of their children. If I hear any of these stories I'll post them up!

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