Tuesday, December 05, 2006

385: weds am poetry: the Lion in Cancer

Something unfinished I thought I'd share during busy times.

The reason I'm pacing the cage is:
it doesn't matter how good we are, how well we speak
there will always be some form of discrimination
there will always be the need for independence
there is never the confidence that one's projected oneself clearly
(am I looking docile and sheeplike when I read lips?)
there is never the freedom of being able to show emotion
(if I show my anger on that or this issue - could I lose my job -)

I see these walls
bowing but not breaking
I pace
like a lion: padded paws,
withdrawn claws,
chin to ground. No loud sound
makes me raise my lidded eyes;
and when they lead me to the ring
and make me sing (O mighty roar)
and chew my enemies to dust -
Still I am looking at the floor

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