Monday, November 27, 2006

384.5: VLog Revisited! Clearer?

I tried out Blip.TV bec. my friend Brein over at Signcasts claims their formatting is better in terms of compression than YouTUBE. Pls share your opinion if you have a chance - thanks!

VLog'd my Sunday Morning Rant



Elisa said...

much clearer! i loved your rant, along with all the pictures and references... i wish i could do that stuff. and you also present a strong case. Keep doing vlogs along with your always thought-provoking blogs :-)

Banjo said...

Great rant!

I really enjoyed watching your vlog. You couldn't had said it any better, it's quite the cold truth. :-/

I hope to see more vlogs here soon, I plan to make another one soon but I don't know when. Christmas is kind of a busy time for me, it's a family thing.


Banjo said...

I just realized I'm on your blog list, though it's linked to my old blogsite. The new one is at

Just thought I'll let you know. :-)

Anonymous said...

Much, much, much better!

You are making me curious about!

I enjoyed your vlog and I liked how you picked pictures - and the timing of it... perfecto!

Thanks for sharing.

Amy Cohen Efron

Wildstarryskies said...

Joey, baby, great vlog!! I agree with you completely. That was one of the things that completely infuriated me during the UFG protest - how those who disagreed would demean those who were protesting, comparing them to children that needed to be controlled.

Deaf people have a RIGHT to determine for themselves what is acceptable and what is not..

Brein said...

I didn't say was better of compression. I said that blip doesn't convert your file while Youtube automatically converts it to flash. Of course no conversion is better. =)

Keri said...

Oh, Joe, just seeing you sign makes me miss you so much! Loved your rant (as always!). Thank you for your thought-provoking rant and for captioning it so that it is accessible to a majority of people. ;)

Zoée Nuage said...

WAY more clear! I never heard of that place, and always used youtube, i'll try that out next time.

More vlogs asap!

Joseph Rainmound said...

As Zoee said in the first posting - it's true every other group when they start protesting experiences discrimination. But the thing is this is 2006, almost 2007. DPN happened 20 years ago. The ADA happened a while ago. We've done the protesting. But the attitudes are and always will be there. Because Deaf people are still considered inferior, we always have to justify why we go against those nice people taking care of it... or so it feels.

Brein, sorry, but seems to be converting my video to flash too? See me!

Keri, miss and love you too...

Thanks Banjo... will try to change sometime today in btw baby-changing.

Christy said...

Wow! This is such a great Vlog!! I loved the fact that you chose to use some pictures, in all to support your powerful message to the public, hopefully to the hearing public.

Keep on making more Vlogs with your thought-provoking messages! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Very well put together, especially for a novice. I am very impressed, and I truly enjoyed watching this vlog. It also shows me how much you've grown since MSSD. :)

Just a teeny suggestion- Could you please go without the stripes next time? As handsome as you look, the pattern made it a bit hard for me to catch all of your signs; other viewers may also experience the same thing.


Anonymous said...

Striped shirt? Pleated pants? Trying to look heterosexual? LOL

Joseph Rainmound said...

Only if you're gay, anonymous... only if you're gay.