Wednesday, July 13, 2005

scientology hates deaf people?

yeah, that was the point behind my post. a lot of conservative pundits claim that scientologists consider disabled people not worthy of survival and that they should not mix with the rest of society (they have a formula to figure out where u fit on this scale, so I guess someone who got their leg shot might be okay?)

so i was wondering if any deaf people had been scientologists. i can't find anyone who is NOT a right-wing maniac that claims scientologists hate deaf people, but the point of their "faith" is that they can control their health and life with the power of their mind and you could probably interpret that as meaning deaf people are responsible for their own condition i guess.

that being said, once i was approached by a scientologist in their little mission in the times square subway (you see all those signs for stress tests between the 1/9 entrance and the N/R? yeah, that.) i said they were deaf and they stopped talking to me. typical HEARIE ASSHOLE BEHAVIOR or some scientologist prejudice? who knows? WHO KNOWS?


Anonymous said...

Didn't Tom acted as a paralyzed guy in "Born on the Fourth of July" movie? (Ironically, in real life, he was born on July 3rd.) Yet, he's a Scienctologist while acting in that film.

I'll ask around if anyone knows/of someone who's a Scientologist.


Wildstarryskies said...

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Anonymous said...


remember me telling ya I took a scientologist test in Edinburgh?

Saw someone giving out testing flyers outside their building in the city centre. So I took one and walked in and took the test (a really long 'circle the answer that best fits you' test - took about 20 mins to do)

They didn't seem to have a problem with me being deaf. Marked my answers on a circular diagram. You can see examples at the clambake anti-scientionlogy website :)

Basically they said I had mild suicidical impulses (heh - ask any deaf student in a big city!) and tried to sell me some hubbard shite books. I kept asking for free books, and got them to give me some, which i threw away a couple of days later :)

oh yeah they kept going on about how hubbard was the best author ever!!111!!1 d00d!!!

so I tried to get them to talk about his Mission:Earth, which was published in 10 (!) volumes - I read some as a kid and even I could tell they were some of the worst, sloppiest writing ever... every other sentence ended in an exclamation mark:


Jim exclaimed "I'm going to Earth!"

Bang! kerpow!! Whuff!!! The hyperspace reality generator exploded!

Jim was thrown across the room! Oh no!!!!!

How will Jim get to Earth on time now???

that was a real genuine made-up quote showing Hubbard's writing style.

Battlefield Earth was kinda OK, Hubbard was poor and willing to work hard on writing it, but not Mission Earth, it was just put out for his skanky hos to buy it.

so I ask the scientlogist chappie if he's read it, and he can't really say he's failed to read every one of his divine leader's books...

SO then I ask him just how fantastic the book was.. his favourite quote etc... :)

after half an hour of me forcing him to diss Hubbard's books, and asking for freebies from him, I got bored and left and thats' the end of my scientologist story really.


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