Saturday, June 25, 2005

visiting the birds in jersey

got to me mother's last night in the jersey wildlands. sure and it's green down here, trees preening themselves of leaves like cats posing and sunning themselves by the sidewalk. and i'm in a rather good mood, Dear Reader, because I needed a bit of a break, and a long walk with a big dog. love my work, but as the man said when I was a 13-year-old green-eyed blossom of youthful idiocy: "if you put everything you have into it, one of two things happens. you finish either full of amazing energy, or you collapse."

and have been putting a lot of everything i have into everything lately. which is perfectly fine, so no "take it easy" remarks; life should be lived like this.

interesting to see where FINGERED's going. Now the characters have pretty much all met each other, we've got a little friendship developing, and I am unable to allow myself to go "oh, I'll finish it later," because I have a few eyes on me. comments are more than welcome, never done fiction on the net before.

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