Friday, December 17, 2004


not been blogging for a while. life got too exciting.

still recovering from the damn lung problems; breathing's easier now. what's bitchy is i only had pneumonia the first week! After that the fever and everything were caused by the segmental atelectasis - which means part of my lung had been cut off due to the fluids of the pneumonia. it's like a collapsed lung, but it's only part of the lung. consider it like a broken finger instead of a broken arm. and nobody told me i had this until i went to a specialist. if i had known in Week 1 or 2, i would have had the right medicine instead of spending a fortune on shit i turned out to be allergic to. and i might be perfect now instead of "getting there." yay, modern medicine.

so now im healthy i've been re-connecting with everyone i know. that takes time. but it's been wonderful. don't spend too much time online this holiday season....

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