Friday, November 26, 2004

still trying to get this damn crap out of my lungs....

Meanwhile, I had this idea which, well, I wonder if y'all be willing to try. (This is mostly for my New York friends.)

I'm really tired of getting holiday gifts each year which you know, are totally meaningless. Yay, gift certificate for Barnes and Noble. Yay, new pullover from Gap. I mean, thousands of people have this shit. It has nothing to do with the meaning of any holiday whatsoever. It's just people buying stuff, and it's annoying.

How about we get together and each pick one person out of a hat or whatnot and work on finding a truly meaningful gift? Something handmade, maybe, or something with special meaning to the other person. Not just CRAP. Something you'd hold near your heart for the rest of your life. Something special and real.

Today's Black Friday, the day everyone runs outside and starts spending money in their SUVs. Which is great for them. I'm looking for something a little more special, and we as Deaf people have a community that lets us work on something special. I'm not saying we can't buy things - but if we do, it better be something unique, eh?

Well, comment if you think this is an interesting idea and if anyone wants to try it...