Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Welcome to June

So I took a week's hiatus to just kind of relax. Not that the relaxation kept the news from stopping. The last week's just been kind of silly. I haven't got much patience for people any longer. I mean, how many stupid mistakes does Bush get to make before we take him out of office? Is there a number, anyone? The whole Iraqi governing council debacle is bad enough; now we find out Bush is supporting a double agent. The fact that he claims to be conservative, while fiscally bankrupting the country, is bad enough; yet he and his cronies continue to lie about the financial situation of Americans while covering up how they themselves profit from bunking Americans out of their hard-earned money. He's contributed substantially to the decay of our environment, too. So basically the country's in line to be poor, desert-like, and yelled at by angry Muslims.

Nope, wrong. See, it's all a conspiracy. Bush really loves middle-eastern countries, so he's trying to turn America into one. Only thing that makes sense. That explains why our educational standards have gotten lower, we're becoming more religious, we don't investigate rape, and he's engaging in politics which destroy our environment - he WANTS us to be just like the Iraqis. Because then he can keep freeing us, and we'll be just as grateful as the Iraqis!

But please, Mr. Bush, don't bring over the Iraqi Spiders.

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