Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Fried=fresh, lawmakers!

I laugh at this. Basically french fries are now considered fresh vegetables for commercial purposes. Aside from the bit about them being fried, and often covered with various chemicals and batters in the process. Next up: belgian waffles with ice cream, the new vegetable! Oh come on. This is just blank.


Anonymous said...

welcome to the states, Surdus. haven't you been here long enough to realize that the states have a lot of "interesting" (in lack of a better term) ahem... people.

While emphasizing the freshness of frites for commerce purposes, not nutritional purposes, one wonder how long before it jumps over to the nutritional column.

wonder if ketchup is called a vegetable? cuz that would make :::drum roll::: one vegetable in my fridge... That'll make you proud of me, eh?! how about BBQ sauce and mustard (oh that's from seeds... hmm), soy sauce? the possibilties are endless!


Joseph Rainmound said...

Actually, for legal purposes, ketchup is a vegetable. Except in school lunches. Reagan tried to turn it into a vegetable for the purpose of school lunches in order to save money:

In 1981, Ronald Reagan's budget director, David Stockman, proposed classifying ketchup as a vegetable as part of Reagan's budget cuts for federally financed school lunch programs (it would make it cheaper to satisfy the requirements on vegetable content of lunches). The suggestion was widely ridiculed and the proposal was killed.(from Wikipedia.)

If I were really, really crass, I'd say the vegetables got their own back. Anyways, I don't know about barbecue sauce, but....

You need to buy non-reagan vegetables for your fridge dear.