Saturday, February 04, 2006


Going through pretty much a life convulsion right now. From discovering that I orgasm mentally when behind a camera, and (obviously) want to continue doing that at an insane rate, to (finally!) getting the Dahon I've been wanting for ages, everything's kind of up in the air. So: sorry about the delay in posting.

Readers Report!: It seems people actually read this blog. So, I'm wondering, who are you? What are you about? Why are you here? Post a comment and share!

News: Pam's House Blend has been keeping up with information regarding the murderer Jacob Robida who went into a Massachussetts gay bar and killed two men with a hatchet and a gun, injuring one other. UPDATE: He finally got captured today. He's so young, you know? But his room is already covered with anti-semitic crap, anti-everything crap. The writing on his blog is terrible. I try to quell my anger by thinking, what must have happened to this boy to turn him into what he is? But crimes like these are increasing around the country as poverty increases due to the Bush deministration. People are scared of the future and looking for someone to blame. And they always go for those who stand out. This stuff scares me shitless.


K said...

Yep, I do read your blog. Great meeting you the other night at Bliss! Too bad you made an early exit. The place began to rock around 11pm. Maybe next time you ought to stay all night? :)


Mr. Sandman said...

Readers Report: Yes, you have a reader. Readers, not sure. But definitely one reader here...

>who are you?

Mr. Sandman

>What are you about?

I'm about 5'9". I'm also about to fall asleep. Or was that about to fall awake? I'll figure it out in a minute.

>Why are you here?

Why not? I think I found this through another blog-- probably DefBef's. Was intrigued by the writing, stayed for the picture. Now it's back to the writing.

>Post a comment and share!

Done. Next?