Thursday, February 16, 2006

Anyone going to the UK?

My friend Tyron Woolf is in a production of Grease in the UK, to raise money for Deaf children in Gambia... Tyron is from a very cool family. His cousin visited me here in the States. He's done a lot of these fundraising shows - I believe in the last one he was a (cute) nun in the Deaf Sound of Music! If anyone plans to be in London on May 20th, check this out! (Wish I could go!)

P.S. Let's send some good luck to Sonny James, a Deaf activist who just started a new job teaching. Those who can, teach.

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Sonny James said...

Thanks Surdus. It's been fun and challenging to teach children reading, math, and social studies. It's not something that anybody can walk in the classroom and teach. I'm truly fortunate to have wonderful peers all around me at Georgia School for the Deaf.

To everybody out there. I second Surdus's comment...those who can, teach.