Thursday, February 16, 2006

Gays and Deafs

Should we unite? This has been on my mind a lot. The Deaf community owes a lot to the Gay community; many Gay men and lesbians have worked hard to become ASL terps in the US. Right now with civil liberties under attack by a pretty drippy excuse for a government (no matter which way you look at it) life is going to be harder for every minority, including, yes, Deaf people and gays/lesbians.

Pam Spaulding has a great post on the Democrat's seeming abandonment of gay people. Yes, abandonment; I can't describe it with any other word. We design their clothing, write their speeches, fight alongside them for civil rights, but when the clutch hits, they drop us from their agenda. I expect this from crappy opportunist Republicans.

Deaf people and gays both get kicked in the ass for much of the same reasons. Our behavior is bad (we should be speaking.) Gay people are bad (they should be boinking people they don't want to.) Our bodies are wrong and need surgery or genetic engineering. Technology and therapy are applied to both groups. Deaf people were prevented from marrying each other; back then it threatened humanity. Now Gay marriage supposedly threatens the entire institution of marriage (but spreading Democracy to other countries only strengthens it.)

Just a few thoughts.

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Ridor said...

Well said, I agreed completely with what you wrote.

Both parties are bad. Now Democrats are trying to "reach" the mass by rejecting the minorities.

Go figure.