Tuesday, May 01, 2007

QUESTION: How do you contact NAD at their national office?

UPDATE: NAD has contacted me and I will be posting information about our conversation soon!

(gripe)I've been trying to send them questions about VRI on their online contact form but it keeps telling me there's a data error. Nobody picks up on the TTY line. The voice line has a message that people will respond to me via e-mail. Plus - their website is really S-L-O-O-O-W. Does anyone still work at NAD's national office or have they gone fishing? (/endgripe)

I'd really like to know NAD's official position on the use of VRI. I have not heard anything from NAD on this issue and don't see anything on their website (anyone who knows something feel free to respond.)

But honestly - you really need to have live people answering ttys/phones at a national organization serving Deaf people. Anyone else have trouble contacting NAD?

UPDATE: I have not been able to get in touch with anyone after 2 more phone calls but I was able to finally get something through the NAD website form after using Google's cache of the NAD "Contact Us!" website. (THANKS GOOGLE!) In a few minutes I recieved this:
5/1/2007 9:42:37 AM (Pacific Standard Time)

Thank you for contacting the National Association of the Deaf. We will respond to your question, comment, or request as soon as possible.


Receptionist/Information Specialist

National Association of the Deaf
8630 Fenton Street, Suite 820
Silver Spring, MD 20910

So I guess I'll wait and see. I'm sure NAD is trying to limit pointless phone calls but...

Update: NAD has responded. Will let you guys know soon...


Jared Evans said...

Just blog about it! They will find it! :-)

mishkazena said...

I had no problem reaching the director of NAD Law Center via voice a month ago. Then I corresponded with her twice and will talk to her very soon.

Anonymous said...


Rosaline dot Crawford at NAD dot org

Anonymous said...

NAD isnt much of an organization as it used to be 10 yrs ago. I got a funny feel that it could be homeless.

Richard Roehm

Michele said...

NAD will respond back to you -- they need to direct your email message to the right person. If not, continue to send it to them. I know because I've been there and have contacted NAD and they have responded me back.

moxie_mocha said...

Hang in there... I've emailed them at least once a month over the past year. It turned out they were moving to a new place, and they were setting up a new server and email system. Things took longer than expected. They finally responded to me back in March.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jared -- if you blog, they will take notice.

And yes, NAD did have a lot of issues when they moved - for about a month, I think. It was awful, and I believe they addressed that in one of their press releases.

DC Deafie said...

Right, they moved, plus they're looking for a new receptionist -- so right now they have some of the hearing people on staff taking turns manning the front desk and (I think handling) the emails that are sent to the general email address. My friend is the web programmer there and handles all the computer stuff, so I'll shoot him an email and ask him if there's an issue with the general email address not going to the appropriate person who should be doing the filtering.

Also, the software they use for processing stuff on the website (address updates, emails, etc.) has been giving them problems. NADs pretty upset with the software company, but it's the cheapest software available to non-profit organizations. Believe me, they're trying to solve issues with it. Also, they had to change all the email addresses about a year ago because they were getting so much spam. That's why you don't see individual staff email addresses on the website.

Joseph Rainmound said...

I was able to speak with Rosaline Crawford. Please stop bothering NAD, smile! Although I appreciate ALL the help. I will be posting details of our conversation soon.

Joseph Rainmound said...

PS Do you know what software they're using?