Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Please take these 4 confidential informal polls! I'm curious to poll Deaf in the City's Deaf, deaf, and hard-of hearing readers to see the state of the Deaf economy in America. So check out the poll and please respond! (It is COMPLETELY anonymous.) People do not even check for Deaf on the US Census, so I am curious to find information about Deaf America...

Are you currently:
Employed full time.
Part time.
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How are you doing financially?
I'm doing so well I bought Benson Hall.
I'm able to save money and plan for the future.
I can save money, but any emergency would kick my ass.
I'm breaking even.
I think I owe T-Mobile something or other.
I'm so deeply in debt I have to ride my bike to make electricity while I VP.
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If Deaf/deaf/hard-of-hearing, do you...
Feel you earn more than your hearing peers (people with same job?)
Feel you earn the same as your hearing peers?
Feel you earn less than your hearing peers?
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FINAL: How would you rate your job security OR your chances of getting a job?
Better than before, very good!
Not as good as before, but okay.
It'd be tough/I spend all my time in programs
I could lose my job any time/It's impossible to find work!
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Thank you for your responses!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am also curious if the results may be skewed due to who reads your blog? I wonder whether the results would be different from say, maybe a blog like ridor's? Similar concept to who read the NYTimes in comparison to NY Post?