Tuesday, September 26, 2006

349: Deaf Awareness Week roundup

What are you doing for Deaf Awareness Week? Are you holding an Audism Monologues? Are you doing a signed poetry reading? Some things I've found online:
We already had DAW in NYC; I didn't go, because I had a sister's baby shower to attend (and god, is she huge!) but I'm always personally a little weirded out by Deaf Awareness Week, since it's basically lots of people making their annual I Really Want To Learn ASL One Day (TM) Pledge, a bunch of Deaf people get together at a festival and exchange money and/or watch a fight, and then people go home.

Instead I'd like to see events where people walk around passing out earplugs with "See How Much Better It Is Without The Noise" printed on them. Or maybe some Deaf film festivals.

Anyway - what are you up to? Oh, in some other news, Deaf actor Darren Fudenske is in the news again.

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Anonymous said...

Was there an actual Audism Monologues performance?! Is it on DVD?