Monday, August 02, 2004

Bad Democrats! Bad!

I am so tired of the democrats.

Right now the whole big thing is "We won't attack Bush. We won't be negative. They don't want us to be negative. Let's not be negative."

Hello? The twinkie in office has turned our country into this terrified icebox, with citizens hiding and huddling. He's destroyed our economy. He's destroying our environment. And we can't be negative? We're not allowed to criticize poor Mr. Bush? What kind of politics is this? Be nice to the cute guy from Texas? If the incumbent president has made mistakes which are ruining the country, don't people have a RESPONSIBILITY to point out those mistakes and show how they would fix them?

Isn't that what we want?

Someone to fix all of this shit?

Nah. Better to be nice. After all, none of this is really happening, is it? It's all on television.

This weekend I had to hold my mother while she begged me to quit my job, which is downtown. She doesn't feel safer. If Bush has been so tough on terrorism, why are we still living in a climate of fear? Why did al-Quippy wait until after Bush cut money for terrorism protection to attack us? Think they didn't know? Think people aren't watching us as closely as we're watching them?

Questions. Questions questions questions....

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