Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Some questions and thoughts on outsourcing...

Does it matter if the company saves money by using outsourcing-when Americans can't get a job to pay for that company's products? Of course, the lesser-paid outsourced person would not be able to afford these products.

If a company can outsource, is the American business playing field less level? Does this damage our capitalist ideology?

Can a government agency outsource a job in a country with unemployment and still claim they're doing the right thing?

Why do we outsource jobs, why does the government outsource jobs, then blame people on welfare and unemployment for their own financial problems? Do new jobs mysteriously appear which these people should see and capture as if such jobs were wild animals in forest, growling and biting?

If the business is turning a profit, and only outsources to increase that profit, what does this say about the failure of that corporation to 'spend' on the American economy which fuels it? If we're living in a credit economy and all that money companies are making doesn't flow at least partially into the American economy, doesn't this kind of turn our whole financial state to paper mush?


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