Friday, March 05, 2004

I really don't understand the September 11th advertisements Bush is sending out. All it does is remind me that we suffered a tremendous terrorist attack, under his watch, with his awareness that such an attack was going to happen. It reminds me he did nothing to prevent it, and instead - forgive the pun - capitalized on it for his own profit and the profit of his compatriots. Instead of focusing on this issue, people have chosen to focus on the "insensitivity" of the advertisements. Where are good spin doctors when you need them? All Bush needs to say in response to "insensitivity" is "Are terrorists sensitive?" He gets to be portrayed as a tough-talkin' Texan, ready to fight to good fight, and everyone else gets painted as smarmy terrorist-lovin' libbywulls. Why leave yourself so open for attack? Especially when it's the sort of attack you can't fight back against? Stupid stupid stupid STUPID.

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