Wednesday, February 25, 2004

The film Iron-Jawed Angels is not entirely historically accurate and alters some of my favorite scenes - [it was a book, not a shoe, and her hands were manacled, and she threw the book straight up at a high window despite the weight of the manacles, and glass scattered round her and scratched her face.] But it contains some interesting parallels to the current gay-marriage movement. Consider the line they force Truman to take - that because the country is at war, and they need everyone in the country working together, they give women, who have contributed much to their country, the rights they deserve.

While I do have some problems with the concept of "giving" people rights, I have to say it's a fair parallel. And maybe one of the reasons Mr. Andrew Sullivan is having so many problems dealing with the Bush push for anti-homosexuality. Perhaps we need someone to break a window.

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