Friday, April 07, 2006

fri news coff roundup

Won't be making dphh in DC tonight - sorry to day. Have a lot of things to complete here in NYC. Might make it down Sunday to visit friends for a couple days. See how much I get done.

Ridor seems to have been first in announcing changes happening at CSD. This large corporation established by Ben Soukup has become extremely successful in both Deaf and hearing communities. I've noticed a lot of Deaf people seem ready to tear CSD down - not so sure that's a good idea. But this leads to a dichotomy... do we support Deaf companies just because they're Deaf? Do we attack them - just because they're Deaf? What's constructive criticism and what isn't? I suspect many other communities experience the same sort of inner struggle - witness Bill Cosby's tirade on black youth. But this kind of insight and self-looking is very important to those of us involved with Deaf Studies - and similar to the works of many feminist and black authors, some of our greatest insight and work can come from the process of self-analysis where we learn to discern the boundaries between what's us, what's our reaction to these experiences here or those over there, what's learned and what's ingrained. What in us is oppression, and what's suppression.

In other news, the Belfast Telegraph reports on the results of a meeting where Deaf people could air concerns about access in a variety of places:
Chief among the complaints presented to the panel was the continuing difficulty of communication experienced during hospital visits and we all agreed that more deaf awareness training was needed along with improved electronic displays on the lines of airport lounges. It's difficult to relax in a crowded waiting room, hoping a nurse will come at the right moment to tap us on the shoulder when our names are called.

Great things are expected of the classes being run for second year medical students at Queen's, where they learn basic sign language as well as instruction in deaf awareness and RNID director Brian Symington told us funds have been provided to increase the numbers from 20 to 40 each year.

Check it out for some things to mull over.

Much love and happy Friday to you all. I hope to get around to posting the porno drawings soon... possibly with bits cut out: this is a G-string blog. I mean, G-rated.


Ridor said...

Actually, I did not view this as an attack on CSD. They made lots of mistakes and chose not to listen to many suggestions offered by many deaf customers. The way they handled things during the Deaf Way II made me realize that one day, they will implode if they keep going on like this.

I mentioned about it -- and some people attacked them, but I think I wanted the readers to know that they can be better than this one. They can be the best at what they do. But at this present time, they are not. That's why I criticized them. And now they are scrambling to re-organize itself. My predictions turned out to be right, though.

It has nothing to do with pulling people down at all.

I'm not gloating at them -- I'm reporting the rumors as is.



JRS said...

I wasnt talking about you specifically though your article started my train of thought... I am curious, what do you think they did wrong in Deaf Way II? I haven't heard anything bad. I'm curious...

Anonymous said...

they basically spent over a million dollars and gave out so much free shit it was crazy- rulers, balls with lights inside, pens, memo pads, snappy wristbands.