Monday, April 10, 2006

life is soooo busyfun

Worked a lot this weekend. Finished the new screenplay! YAY! It has roles for everyone and is STILL the short project that will let me get experience... and have fun...

Helped out General Jen's mom yesterday after a long weekend of work and writing and was totally smushed. But totally unable to go to sleep until around 9pm... body clock rules all I guess. Some news:

trees attack deaf people: yep, trees. The Herald reports:
A tree fell on a group of deaf tourists in the central Italian town of L'Aquila yesterday, killing a 47-year-old man and injuring seven people who could not hear a bus driver's cry of alarm.

Unless the bus driver didn't *give* a cry of alarm. And anyway, he was driving the damn bus for a tour. How stupid can the man be? He doesn't see the people on the bus at all? Well, very stupid - I've met stupider. But it's a silly way to go. At least the tree was antique.
Deaf Expo in Texas: the new Miss Deaf Texas was very quickly crowned - took less than a month! Check out the Deaf Expo here - have no coffee this morning so I haven't decided if any of this makes sense or not. Readers?
Chandramouli!: Kind of reminds me of Convictions. A hearing man with his deaf wife and son are talking to the world about sign language. In this case, he's supporting it:
Sign language expert K S Chandramouli, who is in city along with his hearing impaired wife and 10-year-old son to deliver a lecture organised by the Mook Badhir Mandal, intends to fuel some enthusiasm among the hearing impaired to make efforts to popularise the Sign language and wants people handling public services to understand the language to help the deaf.

‘‘Audiologist, medical researchers, speech therapists do not always encourage deaf to express in Sign language freely. But they try their best to make deaf behave like hearing people whereas Sign language is our natural language,’’ said Chandramouli.

Chandramouli believes that even though all human emotions could be conveyed through Sign language. He has trained his son to understand English and Kannada along with Sign language. ‘‘We want corporates bodies as well as people handling public services to understand our special needs. We need at least one interpreter to help deaf people in railway stations, airports, RTO and VMC offices,’’ said Chandramouli.

I would love corporate bodies to understand my special needs. Any takers?

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