Thursday, April 12, 2007

407: Poll Results: Deaf Economy?

So the poll results look really interesting at this point! Of course this is totally unscientific, but still fun to do! I've left the polls up in case more people want to join in, but at last counts:

12% unemployed is almost three times the national average. And this isn't even taking into account some interesting points - that my blog is a blog and therefore you have to have a computer to see it, for example, limiting my population to those who can afford a computer or have access to one...

61% of respondents feel the effects of a difficult economy. Nobody was able to buy Benson Hall.

This question was inspired by some reading about the gender wage gap in the USA. Surprisingly, almost half of respondents felt they earned less than their hearing peers. You'll notice the numbers are lower for the last two questions: some of the respondents don't work, and some of them might not have felt comfortable answering this question.

12% find it impossible to find work... but a whopping 45% of DITC respondents feel their chances of finding/keeping a job are better than in the past. I spoke about this with one friend whose interpretation is that Deaf people are guaranteed token positions - but often have a hard time moving up or showing their abilities to the boss to get a raise.

What do you think it all means?


Anonymous said...

What's the percentage on SSD/SSI??? Many of them could work but just don't have confidence or reality to keep their jobs.

Anonymous said...

Mexican people are wonderful example! They work hard for their $ Many of them don't speak english and they find jobs!! Study them and you will learn from them!!

Anonymous said...

If you look at other bogs, such as Geo's experience with getting a job. There is a lot of discrimination. I wouldn't be suprised if it's easier to stay on SSDI or ssi after so many attempts to get one. You're lucky if you got a job but looking for a job is very hard for a deaf person. As for peddlers, well at least they are "working" in a sense. :)

Anonymous said...


That is BS, they are just doing it because the 'boss/owner' knows nobody would want that kind of jobs (and yes, owners are cheap to pay labors). Also, they are the ones that are stealing our money (no tax!) and exchange dollars into peso made them rich when they send money to the south of the boarder. So who have a better chance? (even now that in some state are even giving the illegal to obtain a driver license, please pray that you d not be killed (just recently 2 couples were killed by them!)

gnarlydorkette said...

I am VERY curious to how many Deaf people get jobs in the hearing world which means they got hearing co-workers, hearing boss, et cetera and will always need an intepreter/pen-and-paper versus to how many Deaf people get a job that are in Deaf world (such as teaching ASL, teaching at a Deaf school, working with Deaf clients, where they can use ASL at any time at their work.)
For me, I got my job through networking with the Deaf people.

If I venture out to the hearing world without any job assistance from Deaf organizations, I know I will have a harder time to find a job and will end up working at aunpleasant place (such as McDonalds) in spite of the fact that I got a BA from a hearing university.