Monday, September 11, 2006

342: go to BAWDVILLE!

I've been working with Honi Harlow and her crew in Manhattan on a bit of a documentary. Come to see Bawdville, a burlesque performance involving Deaf and hearing actors! Using a form of shadow interpreting, Deaf and Hearing actors move around on stage dancing and poking fun at the world and politics in both ASL and spoken English. Honi herself signs and performs. She works with both Deaf and hearing performers and creates amazing experiences. They have a show this Wednesday - if you're in town, give them some support! Commercial below, made by yours truly (and my first embedded YouTube video....)

Slipper Room 167Orchard St.
(corner of Orchard and Stanton)
every second Wednesday of the
month starting
September 13th
“The Artist formally known as…..
Sexy mother#@!*er”
Doors at 8pm show 9:15ish


Anonymous said...

great ad - each time you do a little film project, you get better! :-)


Anonymous said...

i second that, "anon." c for cherry? anyway, yeah, our little joeray is all growed up with clips to match!