Thursday, January 12, 2006

Not *that* kind of baths

Last night went with the W. to the russian/turkish baths; been there once before but needed it last night. I've been feeling a bit slow.

Anyways, two recommendations: if you go, have plastic glasses or contacts (the heat is so strong that metal frames feel as if they're burning your skin, and if the lenses fog up anyway you can't see anyone talk or sign.) Two, go with friends-it's more fun sitting in one of the five big rooms, each displaying a different kind of delicious steam, and enjoying the fumes if you've friends to do it with. Well, here I was lucky; the W. is much improved with his signing, and his friend Bree was visiting-a lovely faerie interpreter from Maine (that makes three fey terps I've met so far. Cool!) So chat chat chat and oh god this is SO hot then a dip in the frozen pool then out on the roof for a smoke and our bodies were so hot they steamed when the cool rain fell.

Bree is a terp who has been making movies. I told him about my writing and he told me about - and showed me this morning - his film Beautiful, based on the Cristina Aguilera song-was impressed. He's shown it at festivals already and doesn't need my advertising but he did say he might be able to come down and help out when I make my film, EB.

Which script is happily almost ready.

So we were talking about that in our peasant robes at the Bath when the W. convinced me: mud mask. Had to walk about in front of all the men and women looking like I just escaped from a beauty-obsession ward. But I admit my skin DID feel softer afterwards. And we still have some of the mud.

I paged Knob after telling her about it; I think all my friends could use a nice day here but especially her.

Took the W. out for Indian at Panna II; kind of in memory. The food was yummy; not many people there though. So many restaurants are empty or closing now in the city-not happy! But then perhaps global warming will come to the rescue. It's meant to be about 60 today in the city. In January!

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