Tuesday, July 26, 2005

notes on fingered

so. fingered 8 is finished and soon to be posted, bar editing. i needed to write 10 first, so i could go back and make sure all the guys are okay (seriously, characters obtain weird life in your head when you write; Amil is busy being aloof, but he would be hurt if i left out one word from his careful head; Mark is clowning around, and Natalie is ignoring him while smirking. The mothers are wearing Mary Kay pantsuits, you know the type, and smoking together on the side, exhaling carefully.)

have survived a bad throat problem now making the rounds in my office, a friend having serious problems, and er, obtaining a boyfriend. yep. i said it. oy. yep. boyfriend.

gack. am paralyzed now. will just finish editing.

boyfriend. jesus.

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