Friday, October 13, 2006

how many will it take to convince them

i would like to point out they have arrested TEACHERS

TEACHERS at the school which supporters of the administration whined "they closed it! the poor children couldn't go to school!" When the teachers at the school which closed feel strongly enough about the issue to get arrested, how much more do you need to convince you that something is wrong enough here at Gallaudet University?

32 now

ive posted a diary at dailykos hoping to get the word out


Anonymous said...

hey joseph,

tayler's server was down for a few ( l o n g ) minutes, but it's back up for now at

thanks for getting the word out to both the Deaf and Hearing communities on your dailykos page. i don't have a dailykos login yet, so i'm posting here for now :)

Anonymous said...

i have a new account and can't post for 24 hours. but i want to say this:

joseph, I really love the thoughful and eloquent way you write. I would love it if you would send some of your blogs (and more recent thoughts) on the gally situation to the media (i'm sending you some media contact info links). thanks!