Wednesday, October 04, 2006

353: More Oppression?

So Irving King Jordan has ordered the Gallaudet Student Body Government suspended for protesting, has he? Why would he do that, when he could sign and speak beautifully and convince everyone that he's right? Unless, of course, he can't.

You know what this means? It means they're scared.

They can't respond to any stated concerns without incriminating themselves.

Their big gun is a donation of $750,000 from a guy who's already been donating for several years. One which won't be there very long, given how much money gets drained.

Next week, recruiters from all over the country will be at Gallaudet. Unless this event gets suspended.

If Gallaudet students get their ducks in a row, this could be big.

MishkaZena is on top of this. Seems it was only a WARNING of Suspension. Again, they're still moving way too fast, and Jordan hasn't even bothered to be a diplomat.

I have been calling for the Gallaudet leadership to show true and creative leadership to end this divide. They have failed to do so.

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