Saturday, May 06, 2006

racial bias in the selection process?

I pooh-poohed this when it first came up. Then someone found the academic search website, home of the company which found Gallaudet's candidates, and I took a look at the list of people - complete with photos - who work there. Sorry, but this doesn't do much to DISPROVE the concept of racial bias. I wonder what the NDBA group is up to and what they know?

update: NAD seems to be wanting to support the protest, even if it's just words right now:
Students have mounted protests since Monday, following the selection of Jane K. Fernandes, the university provost who grew up speaking rather than using sign language. Some faculty and staff have supported the students' actions, including a demand to reopen the selection process.

"We stand with these concerned stakeholders, who sincerely believe that they are not being respected nor heard," wrote Andrew J. Lange, president of the National Association of the Deaf, in an open letter posted Wednesday.

But then, maybe they're just concerned about the fallout:
Accordingly, the NAD calls upon the Gallaudet University Board of Trustees, President I. King Jordan, and Provost Jane K. Fernandes to take corrective action with courage and wisdom to resolve in a positive manner the growing discord, divisiveness and disconnect on and off campus. Such decisive action would begin the healing process and enable all involved to move forward. The current leadership must move expeditiously to “unite the community behind a common vision and inspire individuals and groups both on and off campus to reach for a noble cause bigger than any single person or issue.”

Members of the NAD and its supporters are deeply concerned that if this crisis is not resolved immediately and decisively by Gallaudet University, there would be increased risk for long term and permanent impact in the areas of recruitment, enrollment and financial giving. is on the ground in DC now - the thing about ridor, he does look for events to report on, but he will call bullshit on all sides. So should be interesting.


Anonymous said...


You called Ridor bullshitting on all the sides. Maybe so, Maybe not. Since he did the job reporting on what's up with Gally and give us many different viewpoints. We are really appreciate his effort to keep us updated. So, if you think he will call bullshit all the sides, then why don't you do it yourself like Ridor did.


JRS said...

to "Call people on bullshit" means to tell them they are speaking BS. When I say Ridor calls people on their BS, I mean he tells them they are liars to their face open and directly.