Thursday, May 11, 2006

my 300th post

And a really great day.

NEWS: Wildstarryskies claims her sources say: stalemate between BOT and JKF?

thoughts: Let me explain the significance of my last post, and something which is a great concern for me.

Deaf students in high schools are protesting the selection of Jane Fernandes to the Presidency of Gallaudet University. These protests seem to be spreading. They are spreading among Deaf youth

As in, the people who will be GOING TO University soon.

As in, the FUTURE of Gallaudet University.

How this protest is handled by the Board of Trustees right now is an issue which will need to be addressed, and soon.

Food for thought... when you've lost the future, what have you got left?

Apparently NAD agrees. (Seems that others saw this first, as it's up on no, I'm not a stealer, just happened to see it.)

Updated: this is a great letter from the Democrat & Chronicle.

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