Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Walking While Paging

UPDATE:It seems that the current theory is that Tara McAvoy died while messaging family and friends: here's my take. Used to a certain distance from the tracks, she walked confidently a foot away from their width, sending messages to family and friends, feeling or sensing the horns but not realizing there was a snowplow so the width was three feet greater than usual and so intent on arranging to meet her family that she did not bother to look.

I can see myself in that picture. Can you? And are any of those messages *really* so important that they can't wait until you get to the other side and relative (minus the chances of getting stabbed or harassed) safety? I feel so terrible for her family.

I think five years ago I would have shrugged at this article. Two years ago I would have been freaked. Now I hunt for ways to survive. I don't always like how life is changing me. Maybe none of us do. Oh, some things are better. I can remember much longer poems than when I was a kid. And I know more about math so I don't have to rely on luck ALL the time with my bank accounts (this is why I never became a programmer.)

Right after this I paged Wal that he better promise me he won't bb in the street. NO MORE! (insert dramatic chest pounding pause) He paged me back saying "At least I can hear the traffic. You better promise ME you'll stand back in safety." Cheeky sod.

Ah. This world is forbidding.

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