Tuesday, March 28, 2006

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Ugandan Deaf people have been protesting they want their news with interpreters:

THE Uganda National Association for the Deaf (UNAD) has protested the failure by the Uganda Broadcasting corporation-TV to provide for a sign language interpreter during its news bulletins.

UNAD director Alex Ndeezi yesterday said since its inception, UBC-TV had denied the deaf important information in news that used to be provided by the defunct Uganda Television (UTV).

Ndeezi said the absence of sign interpreters at UBC-TV and other public places such as courts, hospitals and schools was a gross violation of their human rights.

Deaf television has exploded worldwide. Vee-Tv in England (vee is a deaf word like Pah! in the UK; it means sort of like "brilliant!" "wonderful!") has exploded; so has DeafTV in Denmark. Any other expamples of strong Deaf TV programmes? Current ones, please - not going to find a link to new episodes of Deaf Mosaic! :)

In other news - a review of the work of Deaf artist John Brewster. Also, politics: Andrew Card's left his office. From reading, Andy was one of the New Conservatives twenty or so years ago who came to power with Reagan. I'm not sorry to see him go.

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