Monday, March 20, 2006

Deaf in the City: No Pity Edition

Today's No Pity is directed at Roger Daltrey of the Who. In conjunction with the release of his new music CD Daltrey is talking about his work-related hearing loss:
Daltrey said: "If I'm playing anything at home, it's probably classical, mainly because I haven't got much hearing left.

"What I have got left, I want to keep." Daltrey is currently busy recording The Who's first studio album in 14 years with the only other surviving member, Pete Townshend.

Anyone wanna bet he's hoping for the "pity buy?" Not from DITC.

Exhausted today-last night was not conducive to sleep. Woke up around 2 and couldn't return to sleep. Sparkly Spanker was awake and working busily on her eyeBook (the deaf version muahahahahaha!) Managed to catch a bit of Embedded on IFC. I love IFC, the Comedy Channel, Lifetime, TLC... addict!

1 comment:

Vana Jonesy said...

Do you know much aboot Roger Daltrey?

I don't think it's for a 'pity buy'.

Don't be cynical.