Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Anyone wanna go?

Check this out - it looks cool. I'd love to go up north and check it out, especially the Sharon Dupor artwork. I tried contacting her once to discuss purchasing a print or something but she never responded - if anyone has contact information for this wonderful artist PLEASE email me.

You may notice some extra text between links and on the top underneath "Deaf in the City." One of the places I got the name "surdus" for my home on the web was from the old days when pretty much any Deaf man or woman who achieved anything was named Surdus, Mudo, Muet, Sordillo... I guess it was racist as calling an African fighter Johnny Black, for the hearing people. But in a way calling my website Surdus connects me to those Deaf people who fought tooth and nail with the hearing "world" (o how I hate that phrase: as if it isn't our world, too!)

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