Wednesday, December 28, 2005

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dKossacks seemed to like my previous blog about Deaf people and culture. Any readers here have thoughts?

Some interesting news this morning. First, some politics; from

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) expressed its concerns about the nomination of Samuel A. Alito Jr. for the United States Supreme Court. Of particular concern are Alito's previous rulings in the area of states' rights and his approach to federal laws protecting the rights of individuals with disabilities and their families. ... NAD attorneys have reviewed Alito's rulings in the area of disability discrimination and congressional authority and are not certain that Alito will uphold laws that protect individuals' rights to participate in society. Accordingly the NAD is asking the Senate Judicial Committee to ask Alito questions similar to the ones they asked Chief Justice John Roberts before approving him.

They point out that Judge Roberts had to go through a similar process:

"It is critical that the Senate Judicial Committee gets a commitment from Alito that he will respect the ADA and Congress' authority to enact that and other civil rights laws. Senator Arlen Specter, the Republican Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee argued that Judge Roberts should directly answer questions about the ADA," noted Lange. "Senator Specter should expect the same thing from Judge Alito."

Glad to see the NAD on top of this. Next on the page: Deaf Nigerians protest corruption:

Deaf sportsmen and women on Friday threw caution into the winds, when they rough-handled the Vice-President of the Nigerian Deaf Sports Federation, Mr. John Yusuf at the National Stadium, Lagos.

The deaf athletes, who were 30 turned down all pleas from passers-by as they descended heavily on Yusuf, tearing his shirt and beating him for alleged misappropriation of a sum of N400,000.

Yusuf, after the fracas, tendered a letter of resignation as first Vice-President of the body to save himself from further assaults from his aggrieved colleagues.

No word on whether Yusuf is Deaf himself - but there is a long history of corruption in hearing people who take charge of Deaf clubs. So too of Deaf people - there was that scandal recently where Deaf people were selling pyramid schemes to others, and it seems this is happening in New York too. It's not just about money though:
The athletes, led by Bello Bala, among other things, asked for the cancellation of the recent elections conducted in the federation by Mr Elias Gora, which they claimed was fraught by fraudulent practices.

“The supposed recent elections was illegal, due to the fact that, Mr. Gora had already selected the would-be executives long before the elections without due processes,” Bala said.

He explained that, the vote of no-confidence passed by the entire athletes on the former executives, was as a result of financial recklessness and visionless leadership style and unacountability of the last board, led by Mr. Suleiman Kaita.

Wonder what Mr. Bala looks like - nice to see activist Deaf people all around!

Next up: Hearing people shocked Deaf people can play basketball:

In addition to hand gestures for each play, Horvath is constantly looking at the sideline to Erin Lynch, his interpreter, who signs to him everything coach Jack Freeman is saying to the team. During team huddles, he looks to Lynch to get whatever information is being forwarded to the team. And he never seems to miss a beat. But as with any situation requiring adjustment, sometimes there is regression.

‘‘I have to always watch and right next to the coach is the interpreter,” Horvath said. ‘‘The players, we’ve set up signs. Everyone is supposed to sign, but sometimes they forget, and I won’t know where I’m supposed to be, it’ll take a minute.”

The reporter is also surprised that this student has chosen not to go to Rockville, which is close by. Makes sense to me - he can visit his friends and take advantage of the facilities of the hearing school. Obviously this guy signs really well... and he's doing perfectly well in school and even becoming a celebrity of sorts. In related sports news:

The England Deaf Cricket team are to begin a recruitment drive to find more players as they look to build on their success at the second Deaf Cricket World Cup in India.

Australia have also expressed a keen desire to compete for the Ashes in England during the summer of 2007, meaning officials at the England Cricket Association for the Deaf (ECAD) know they cannot afford to rest on their laurels.

Deaf people playing cricket in cute white uniforms... almost like those kitten photos everyone keeps forwarding me. Go ECAD! England prevails!

General Jen thinks the script I want to work on right now is too long and complicated, and I agree - need something simpler in structure so I can get settled in to direction. Was up till 4 am working on the new script which is more of a silly family comedy - it's not too bad; becoming amazed at my newfound ability to buckle down. More on this as it progresses; I already know who I want starring in it, just need to get more settled on the script.

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Ridor said...

I noticed that many countries' deaf sports organizations are run by hearing people. It is shameful that they do that.

It is very tough dilemma, really -- from what I heard that in Europe, lots of deaf sports organizations are sponsored by hearing governments -- if deaf athlete won a medal, they will be PAID.

Whereas the USA athletes had to raise the funds in order to participate in the olympics despite the fact that the USOC recognized the USA Deaf Sports Federation but do not give them money. They fucking gave millions of dollars to these retards in Special Olympics and these paralyzed freaks in Paralympics!

Why give them $ and not the USADSF? It is all b.s.

Typical hearie.