Tuesday, November 29, 2005

You Don't Hate Mad Dogs

I wrote this diary on Daily Kos and thought it was fun enough to get posted here. Theyre having some silly argument over whether it's okay to hate Republicans and I put down my two cents.


I don't presume to tell anyone what they should or should not feel. Ain't my business. You keep your shit behind closed doors, and I'll keep mine.

But hey, since you done opened that entrance...


I don't hate no Republicans. I don't hate no Democrats. Don't hate nothing and nobody.

Yeah, they fucked this country up. Yeah, they're doing stupid crap even as we speak. Frothin'-at-the-mouth stuff. Sure, they're trying to destroy the ability of us good-lookin' well-dressed purty-boy homos to, y'know, even be with each other. But they're mad dogs. You don't hate mad dogs. You do with mad dogs what they did with ol' Yeller. You love 'em and try hard but you know one day they're gonna do more than just froth. They gon' bite. And they infectuous. They gon' bite you and your children and your wife and your husband and your mother and your father. Ain't gon' stop. Gonna keep going til you all got the rabies. Then YOU be frothin' at the mouth, too. They already barking and rolling their eyes at each and every one of us. You gon lose your cool in the face of that?

Best avoid all that. Keep ya calm, keep yaself collected. Keep ya shotgun handy, because emotional reasonin' never helped nobody, and don't make their case for them. Makes 'em look like fools, and their men and women look like fools. Who listens to a mad dog more than once? When they done see what happens when it bites?

Besides, you get angry, you can't shoot straight. So says my Da, though he was talkin' mostly about lovin. In which, he says, you better off also avoidin' the mad dogs. Fightin' Dems ain't frothin Dems, and neither is fuckin' Dems. Keep your eyes peeled and yer pecker clean, is my advice.

Nuff said.

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