Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Update: Apple iPod=No Subtitles



From the blog of Russell Beattie:

See, even though I really enjoyed the shows, I couldn’t share them with my wife. She has some problems with her hearing, and isn’t a native English speaker. So in our house, the subtitles are always on the TV so she doesn’t miss anything. It was like this in Spain too, actually, when I was learning to speak Spanish. Subtitles helped a ton and are a great way to get used to a new language. The fact that iTunes Video comes without subtitles is disappointing, and not only isn’t a good solution in our house, it has stopped me from buying more episodes online. I’ll go buy the DVD instead.

Dear Apple: Please fix this. It’s a real problem those people who want to enjoy your service, but need subtitles.


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