Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Spam Attack!: Seems there is a huge T-Mobile problem today starting yesterday. Everyone I know with T-Mobile is getting huge amounts of spam. When people call they are told to change their e-mail address because the implication is the person did stupid things or distributed their e-mail stupidly. But since everyone I know is getting this shit, it's them, not us. You understand? I suspect someone's figured out a way to break into sidekicks again. Anyways, can people comment on, you know, if theyve been getting spam, because it's the kind of thing the deaf community can kick the ass of t-mobile on. Please comment posting your device and if you have received spam and what its from like "I have a Blackberry 7230 and I got spam from the CIA mofo!"

UPDATE: If you call T-Mobile will try to put you through the "Oh, use filters," and "Oh, change your email address," crap. Don't take it. They are having a nationwide problem and they just ADMITTED IT TO ME ON TTY. Will scan the TTY Paper in a minute. Anyways, neither of those solutions are useful. The admission:

Use freely.

FURTHER UPDATE: Now they admit again yes, there is a problem, and they are working on it. I discovered if you scroll up and look at the "To:" field you'll see the real spamming e-mail address - but they seem to be changing that now. Anyways, I'm hoping they actually, you know, do something. Soon. They just asked me to send them some spam to a T-Mobile G-mail account called blackberrypda@ you know where and it was blocked, I suggested they contact Google to ask them how they do it!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for information. I got a lot of spam emails. When I sent one email, I get one or two spam emails. Even if my friends sent one each of emails to me, I get about 10 spam emails. Damn hackers!

Jt said...

Joseph, you're the best! I had been wondering just what the hell was up with all these crazy spam on my pager, and was getting *really* steamed.