Thursday, June 02, 2005

showdown in the AI corral

GEORGE: Tell them it's not a gulag. Tell them!
AMNESTY: Gooooo-lag. Which word in the sentence goo-lag do you not get? Oh, and your wife is a lesbian.
GEORGE: She is not. We haven't had sex in a while but... and she does spend a lot of time with... Laura? Condi?
LAURA: A woman has needs, George.
GEORGE: That's what you said about the Iraq war too and look where it got us!
LAURA: You know, all you had to do was read from "Beauty Released" while I was tied upside down and bathed in my own bodily fluids.
GEORGE: See? If we do it to each other can it really be so bad?
AMNESTY: Goo-lag.

Really, is it possible our First Couple is externalizing their sexual frustrations? If so, hard way to do it...

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Anonymous said...

where do they buy their bodily fluids?