Wednesday, May 04, 2005

today's rant

i'm getting pissed off by the sheer number of people who, when i say how much i like my new job, absofuckinglutely have to add "oh, well, it's new, right, haha." i suppose they're trying to make conversation, but it's pretty damned demeaning. yeah, it's new, and therefore fresh. it is, however, a job pretty close to my heart... not only for advocacy issues, either. i've not felt this excited about work, ever, and the feeling is pervasive. it's not going to go away when the first flush of new things fades; it has, oddly enough, a place in my head which parallels drawing and writing; i can concentrate on this for hours, you know? i got in the groove in my old job now and then, but i've actually "woken up" and looked round only to find the whole office empty several times now... and me with a lot of work done.

it's kind of scary. i'll admit it. i'm a novice! but it's also wonderful to be doing something where i have to be active and creative and engaging... and not just to save someone ten cents, either. i'd thank the Lady, but She says that "praise" is etymologically similar to "prattle" for a reason, and would I do her the favor of getting back to work and not wasting her ears with this crap?

honestly. goddess.

in other news, my friend roger's still in town and enjoying his visit. roger is pretty special, you know; he's one of the few hearing people i've met who have no attitude or caution around deaf people. and he doesn't really have any awareness that there usually is an attitude. or he does, but he doesn't. you know? (here I go prattling again.) I mean that he isn't self-consciously non-possessing of attitude. He just... acts naturally. It's nice. We helped my friend Jen move into her new apt this past weekend and all my friends were pretty comfortable round him after, when we fell worn-out on my futon and sucked down lots of chinese food. romper room friend fun!

roj bought me some paper to matte a few drawings. they look *quite* nice. must take photo, put on blog. when have time. busy busy.

party for a friend's birthday last night. won't forget the look on her face - she ain't dumb, she knew a surprise was coming, but she had the very *cozy* look of someone realizing she's safe and warm and with a bunch of relatively insane but (at the moment) nonviolent friends :)

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