Tuesday, May 17, 2005

odd things i've written in an hour

.............also titled: you should see me dance the polka

ah, ma petit, this is Boris, he has been my boyfriend for four hours, ever since he kindly gave me sugar for my coffee... Boris? Boris? Come back! Come back!

Shall i compare thee to a queen from Maine? 
Thou art more lovely, with or without sleep;
the sky has paled and dark'd like your stained cheeks
and summer's brightness fades to winter's deep...
sometimes too hot the limelight burns the skin;
sometimes too cool's the moon for heated tears,
but though you grieve and show repent for sins,
still are thy eyes as vast as when in cheer.
No queen from Maine could hope to match your face,
marked as it is by lines from joy and sorrow;
nor shall she brag thou wanders't in her shade,
when it's your touch that turns the dawn to morrow.
So long as men can breathe and fingers feel,
so long - heaven!

surdus: it came in from the drain and she caught it with a cup and we had incredible teamwork - i opened the toilet, she threw it in, i flushed (three times)
surdus: roachie go BYE BYE
surdus: cock? fine! big cock? sure? cockroach? ROACH THIS, YOU MOTHERFUCKER!
surdus: *machine gun fire*

****pls note no roaches repeat no roaches harmed in making of dis blog

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