Friday, April 15, 2005

gay marriage and aids

ok, this is not a real post. this is a work of fiction, this is a conspiracy theory. but it's a pretty interesting theory.

right now america is in the middle of an epidemic - hiv/aids infection rates are increasing, not decreasing. while numbers are growing far faster in other groups, gay men and women still remain a core group for new infections. one of the problems - not the only one, and often overrated, but still a problem - is unprotected sex with multiple partners.

we also have a group of people fighting desperately against gay people's rights, a group of people who consider us immoral, not for our acts, but for who we do them with. (witness Justice Scalia's refusal to discuss the issue - it's alright to be private as long as you're straight.) their rabid discrimination has led them to ban gay marriage in many states and encourage the creation of acts which effectively diminish our chances of having successful, enduring relationships. while marriage does not guarantee such relationships, the fact is that having your partnership recognized by the community and given legal status does make a big difference.

anyone see where I'm going here?

yeah. part of me wonders if the discriminating behavior of these certain groups has led them to zee master plan: since AIDS is spread by sex, let's put as many obstacles in the path of the homos as possible! let's prevent them from having legal partnerships with their long-term lovers! let's not see positive role models and positive relationships between gay and lesbian lovers ANYWHERE! (why the hell is Will still single?) They carp and bait about gay men's sex lives, but really, if they were so damned concerned, they'd be doing everything they could to encourage loving, committed relationships between gay men and women, the way they do with their own children.

i'm not seriously claiming there's a conspiracy or anything here. but the destabilization of the family was a tactic used often by many different groups to harm or destroy other groups. slaveowners broke up families to destroy spirits and maintain control over people (divide! conquer!) concentration camps separated families. deaf people were prevented from meeting each other (we'd use our hands... and not in the good way!) the worst thing you can do to people is take them away from their loved ones. whether they realize it or not, the conservative groups that fight against our desire to create and sustain committed relationships are doing something pretty similar to mo's.....

whatcha think?


Katie Roberts said...

It's just a self-defeating cycle. We're not good enough for marriage, so we fuck. We fuck, so we can't marry.
You would think sombebody would point this out.

Those dorks don't get it, that's for sure.

JRS said...

meanwhile, we're good enough to decorate their favorite tv stars...