Friday, October 28, 2005

post-cho ponderings

quite a few deafies came tonight for the Cho. She was very good and our terps were quite talented - I laughed a lot so, good sign.

Favorite quotes?

Mine: "The ho truth, and nothing but the truth!"

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Incomparable Margaret Cho

So this morning around 11 I see this in the newspaper:

She's speaking tonight at 7 here in order to promote her new book:

I get in touch with the equally incomparable Airgood and Marconi, who will be actually interpreting, kind of like this (but not like this. OK?):

It's been a dream for a while to see a good comedian with a good interpreter. Deaf people know that most of the time an interpreter would rather have their balls ripped off than try to terp for a fast-talking Valley Vixen like this. Airgood would lick Cho buttock if he had the opportunity so I'm thinking it should be cool. Paged tons of deafies, so, hopefully, barnes and noble will look like this:

You can read the original article here:

I will post later on the goodness or lack thereof. -rainmound

Monday, October 24, 2005

the clippings of rainmound

today rainmound had psycho day. psycho idea came to me. instead of writing psycho words from psycho head, psycho would include NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS! Yes, the Grab utility on Apple is a fun and interesting way to spend my time, and this illustrated version of my day will help you people understand my mind. First:

Favorite morning comic. Then work work work. And:

Wilma was my biggest surprise of the day. As the picture shows she strengthened into a category 3 storm once again after passing over FLORIDA! The sunshine state only added warm Gulf waters to the screaming horror. Not one of the weather blogs I read predicted this, only that she would eat Alpha and go north!

As I said to my friend Beth later today, I'm feeling news overload. Environment: they signed legislation to drill in Alaska when drought is circling the world and the ice caps are melting. Bird flu going everywhere. The President apparently losing his control over his out of control administration. KB knows what I'm talking about. The following clip from was the proverbial straw, camel, breaking for the back of:

Ahmad. Fucking. Chalabi.

As an excuse to get away from this world, I've been writing about others: I'm working on a book of Deaf myths and writing articles about disability and politics on Kos.

It works.

A little.


Happy birthday to Darren F. My roommate just drives you nuts, doesn't she? *evil grin*

Friday, October 21, 2005

new post up at dKos

My new post on Daily Kos, Issues of the Body, is up. I don't expect everyone to like it - I promised Ridor it would be a little more bitchy. But I do hope it's gonna start discussion and head people back to my original point. And maybe we can get to what I want to be the next step, in my next post.